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1973 Organized by Garyu Matsumoto

1993 Original Label Kromhoorn Records

1982 Roba Music Theatre organized

We have been actively holding concerts, participating in theatre and recording, etc.
Our performances are highly valued by specialists and the media.


Members and Main Instruments

Garyu Matsumoto : Bagpipe, Crumhorn, Hurdy-gurdy, Psaltery, etc

Tetsuo Ueno : Santur, Psaltery, Saz, Lute, Durbuka, etc

Junosuke Chiba : Fiddle, Viola-da-gamba, Crumhorn, Recorder, etc

Haruo Shinagawa : Rackett, Curtal, Crumhorn, Recorder, etc

Kazuaki Nagai : Selpa, Crumhorn. Renaissance Flute, etc

Masaaki Kawamura : Shawm, etc

Hiroshi Kaneko : Lute, Crumhorn, Recorder, etc


The tour continues ..'Repertory'