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Saltarello : 14c. Italy

Ductia : 13c. England

Lamento de Tristano : 14c. Italy

Dance of Crawn : 16c. France

Lucente Stella: 14c.Spain

Dindrin Dindrin : 16c. Spain

Cantigas de Santa Maria : 13c. Spain

Bransle : Claude Jourbase 16c.Flanders

Bransle in Bourgoyne : Jacques Moderne 16c. France

Rossignolet au Bois: Flanders

Hoboecken Tanz : Tielman Susato

Sumer is icumen in : 13c. England

song of the Ass: 13c. France

Three Bransles : Arbeau 16c. Flanders

Fool's Ship & Oan : Composed by Garyu Matsumoto


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