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New CD!!

"Tona-Dona "

Many fairies are living in the Tona-Dona forest and they held a big concert - this is the music from this very unique event. As with all our CDs, we play both medieval instruments and instruments of our own creation. We are particularly proud of this disc.

Kromhoorn Record RCK-102
18 tunes: 3,000 yen

MP3 file


#Song of the Troupe #Early Bird's Dance #Tona Dona #Pupa star #Bya-Pon #Midsummer Dream #Goat on a mountain peak #Rainbow Chaser #Happy Song
[Each file is around 300k

New CD!!

"Roba's Christmas"

A jumble of lively music from an upturned toybox! Includes printed score; would be a nice Christmas present.

Kromhoorn Record RCK-101
5 tunes: 1,000 yen

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#Roba's Christmas

New CD!!

" A Story of a Silly Dragon"

This is background music to a show by the Kawasemi Puppet Theater. The main character of the story is a dragon(170cm long) which perform very expressively with the other characters. The cheerful music created by many early instruments as well as our original ones sets the tone of the story very well.

Kromhoorn Record TGCS-120S
19 tunes: 2,000 yen

MP3 file


#A Silly dragon #Children in the Rain
#A Lie and a Truth # A Dragon in the Water
#A Silly Dragon(reprise)
[each file is 150~200k,10~12second

A picture book with sound

" Roba's Sound Searching "

A treasure box of sounds and introduction of a beautiful village in Transylvania region in Romania.

Music: Roba Music Theatre
Story, Illustrations: Garyu Matsumoto
Picture: Nakazato Kazuto

Kromhoorn Record TGCS106
13 tunes, Full color booklet : 3,300 yen

MP3 file


#Festival in the Sky (1360k) #Festival in the Sky (2340k)
#In a Jiggling Train (320k) #Performance of Mr. and Mrs. Jarnosh (300k)
#Rainy Romania Impromptu (320k)

.au file


#Festival in the Sky (1131k) #Festival in the Sky (2126k)
#In a Jiggling Train (144k) #Performance of Mr. and Mrs. Jarnosh (154k)
#Rainy Romania Impromptu (129k)

" 'Jig'- an Imaginary Boat "

In this album we play more than 60 early instruments - including Roba originals. We are going to invite you to an imaginary land. As you listen to this music you will expand your imagination and enjoy playing and dancing with us.

Music: Roba Music Theatre
18 tunes

Kromhoorn Record TGCS255 : 3,000 yen

MP3 file


#Traveling Busker (340k) #Imaginary Boat (580k) #Jintara (320k)
#Star land (420k) #Sunny Day (400k)

.au file


#Traveling Busker (132k) #Imaginary Boat (360k) #Jintara (179k)
#Star Land (213k) #Sunny Day (187k)

" Garan-pi Poron "

We create a fantasy world playing early instruments from Medieval and Renaissance times. This time we also play other instruments from all over the world.

This album is based on our performance "Garan-pi Poron Concert". You will be attracted by our creative and natural sound, and all family members will find it enjoyable. A guide book is included.

Music: Roba Music Theater
18 tunes
Kromhoorn Record TGCS106 : 3,000 yen

MP3 file


#Garan-pi Dance (280k) #Wind Song (440k) #Ding-a-ling ( 320k)
#1+ 1 =1 (360k) Snow Motet (320k)

.au file


#Garan-pi Dance (136k) #Wind Song (52k) #The Emperor with no Clothes(104k)
#1+ 1=1 (113k) #Snow Motet (135k)

" Ductia "

Catherina Early Music Consort creates 100 different tone-colors and early music played by them naturally fits the modern age. Enjoy the heartwarming sounds of this brand new music. This artistic album comes highly recommended.

Music : Catherina Early Music Consort
Kromhoorn Record TGCS160 : 3,000 yen

MP3 file


#Ductia (280k) #Estampie (360k) #Dance of a Shawm Player (600k)
#Ding-di-ling (260k) #To my Love (340k)
#Allemande (440k) #La Manfredine (400k)

.au file


#Dance of a Shawm Player (117k) #Fontana (117k) #To my Love (139k)
#Allemande (120k) #La Manfredine (126k)

Hayao Miyazaki's
" Jumble Bumble Notes "

This is the sound track to the radio drama 'Jumble Bumble Notes' introducing the world of Hayao Miyazaki - the world famous animated film maker.

For Miyazaki fans and Early Music fans, this essential album should be added to your collection!

Tokuma Japan TKCE-70905: 2,500 yen

MP3 file


#Fool's Ship (286k) #Light on Land (286k)
#Performance in an Egg (
312k) #Run Away and Win (208k) #Oan ( 338k)

.au file


#Fool's Ship (146k) #Light on Land (145k)
#Performance in an Egg (
146k) #Run Away and Win (131k) #Oan (154k)

Flanders Recorder quartet