1. What is Roba House?
  2. What is Early Music?
  3. About Early Instruments.
  4. Roba House's Original Instruments.
  5. History of Roba House.
  6. Building of Roba House.

Let's listen to old yet new instruments.

ROBAHOUSE is a place where we can enjoy sounds coming from a wonderland. Instruments from Medieval and Renaissance times create sounds which remind us of something which we - living in modern times - have forgotten.


Do you know the Hurdy-gurdy? How about Crumhorn? Psaltery? Bagpipe? These are "early instruments". These names may sound strange for you but they are actually very simple and friendly instruments which create heartwarming sounds.

We have two professional groups playing early instruments of Medieval and Renaissance times. One is the 'Catherina Early Music Consort' which pioneered this music genre in Japan. The other is the "ROBA Music Theater" which was organized with children in mind. This group uses unique 'imaginary instruments' of their own creation, as well as traditional early instruments.

At ROBAHOUSE both groups hold concerts every month. At these concerts we not only play early music but also involve the audience so that all the participants can experience the pleasure of creating original sounds.


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