1. What is Roba House?
  2. What is Early Music?
  3. About Early Instruments.
  4. Roba House's Original Instruments.
  5. History of Roba House.
  6. Building of Roba Houses

We play instruments from the Middle Age and Renaisance eras. Although those instruments once died out, a movement to recover them arose in the 20th century, and people gradually started to reproduce them by referring to pictures and books. That is why we classify those instruments as 'early music' as distinct from those of modern times. Japanese traditional instruments which have been maintained are also known as early instruments.


Feature of early instruments.

* About tone-color

Early instruments are made of natural materials such as wood and horn, and create very natural sounds. The bagpipe and shawm make loud sounds but these are exceptions; the volume of most early instruments is relatively quiet and soft. They also have rich harmonic overtones. Although the sound is not 'perfect', it is comfortable to listen to.

* Difficult to play?

One major problem is that there aren't many instructors. Each player has to search for information and learnhow to play them by himself. Of course no instruments are easy to play and early instruments are no exception; but I would say that they will reward your effort as far as you use your imagination.



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