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Recorder : Although the Baroque recorder has a conical bore, these instruments are cylindrical, and have a soft tone color.
Bagpipe : A reed instrument with a bag made of goat or sheep skin. It is very popular in the west, and is usually used for drone accompaniments.

Crumhorn : A typical instrument of the Renaissance. It has a comical sound and the name means 'curved horn.'

Shawm :
Antecedent of the oboe. A leading figure in open air concerts or festivals.
: The body is made of wood. The sound is similar to a tuba.
Gemshorn : It is made of buffalo horn and looks like an ocarina. Its soft sound is very beautiful.
Rackett : Bass reed. The pipe itself is almost 3 meters long, but it is folded 9 times inside the body. Therefore it creates a much lower sound than one would expect.
Cornett : Trumpet made of wood. The sound is very soft and the fingering is similar to the recorder.


Lute : A typical string instrument of the Renaissance era; its origin is in the East.
Viol : A bowed instrument with gut strings, coming in many sizes.
Hurdy-gurdy : A keyboard lute with a revolving mechanism. The strings are sounded by turning a handle.
Psaltery : A box shaped string instrument of the Renaissance era. Plucked with feathers or fingers and placed on the knee. Good for improvisation.
Saz: A folk instrument from Turkey. A plucked string instrument which was known as the Saracen Guitar in early times.
Santur : An antecedent of the piano; a folk instrument from Iran. Played with drum sticks.





Essential for Middle Age and Renaissance music.
We also use Arabic drums.


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