1. What is Roba House?
  2. What is Early Music?
  3. About Early Instruments.
  4. Roba House's Original Instruments.
  5. History of Roba House.
  6. Building of Roba House

Roba Music Theater plays not only early instruments but also our own original 'Imaginary Instruments'.

We think that anything around us can become an instrument, so are always exploring and inventing new instruments. This is one of our distinctive activities, that we play both our own original instruments as well as early instruments.

We hope that the combination of these two kinds of instruments will create a special world and will inspire children's imaginations.



Typical Imaginary Instruments

* Newspaper : We don't process newspaper but use it just as it is. We fold, roll, shake it ... It is a great pleasure to sing to such background music.

* 611: This is a combination of winds, strings and percussion, using buckets, wire, etc. The name comes from the first date we used this instrument - the 11 of June.

* Bottle Flute : We are the No. 1 players of the bottle flute! We play this in our 'Delightful Concert'.

* G3 : A computer instrument using no electricity...? You can make 'G3' from cardboard, rubber tubes and empty cans. It produces a bass-like sound. It debuted in our Tona Dona concert.

* Nagai don : A flute-like instrument made from buckets and hose. It looks like a dinosaur. We named it after the inventor, Mr. Nagai.

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