1. What is Roba House?
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1973 Catherina Early Music Consort was organized.

I was inspired by hearing a 12th century minstrel song while in south France. It was a song about a donkey (roba in Japanese) titled 'Orientis partibus' - 'Coming from the East'

Although donkeys symbolize foolishness or stupidity, they were a very important transportation tool in the Middle Ages, and contributed a lot to human communications.

This song is very long and has 10 verses describing the travels of a donkey from the east to the west. In the last verse, the story says "The donkey finished the day's work and began dreaming. In the dream he was eating as much barley and hay as he wanted. He was so happy that he started singing a song."

"Your poor song spreads under the night sky, and it covers all the people gently. You are Mr. Donkey..."

What is the message from the minstrel? I interpret it like this: "Music is heart. Our hearts need to be as generous as a rich forest." This is a song from more than one thousand years ago and it carries a somewhat paradoxical message: 'A bad singer can heal peoples' hearts.' Why? It was while I was thinking about this that I made up my mind to 'travel' with this donkey!

Our society is so hectic that people are missing something very important. I would like to pass along the message of this song to other people. But when we sing this song we change one word ... we sing '... came from the west ...' because Japan is considered to be in the east.
1980 Roba School activity starts.
1982 Roba Music Theatre starts.

1992 Roba House was built.



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