1. What is Roba House?
  2. What is Early Music?
  3. About Early Instruments.
  4. Roba House's Original Instruments.
  5. History of Roba House.
  6. Building of Roba House

Wood and earth create a gentle atmosphere
The beautiful sound of old instruments leads you to a fairy world

A Cottage for instruments.

There is a beautiful path along the Tamagawa-canal. While you enjoy walking the path hearing trees whispering you'll see ROBAHOUSE. We have two activity groups-- "Catherine Early Music Consort" and "Roba Music Theatre" and this house is the base where we practice and hold concerts once a month.


As diatomaceous earth the main component of this building you will feel as though
you are wrapped in the body of an old instrument.

On the walls, you'll see many reconstructed Renaissance instruments from all over the world.
There are also many kinds of folk instruments. It feels just like a museum.

The background pattern of this page is taken from the wall of this house.

Building Designer: Yuichi Murayama Completion: April. 1992

Map to Roba House

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