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Fantasy world created by early music.

Listen carefully..... "Sounds from old times!" "Feel cheerful!" "Feel excited!"

Yes, music is interesting! You will see many kinds of instruments.

"It seems that anything can be an instrument!"

Listen carefully ..... Listen carefully.... Try to be all ears.......



1982 Organized by Garyu Matsumoto and Tessei Ueno.

1992 Roba House was built.

We have been actively holding concerts, participating in international events, and recording, etc.

Our works are highly valued and have received many awards.



Garyu Matsumoto (leader)
Bagpipe, Panpipes, Crumhorn, Hurdy-gurdy, Vocal, etc

Tessei Ueno
Lute, Santur, Saz, Drum, Vocal, etc.

Riguma Tomita
Pedal Organ, Portative Organ, Concertina, Vocal, etc.

Kazuaki Nagai
Selpa, Recorder, Crumhorn, Bunpaka-pappa , Vocal, etc.

Mayumi Omiya;
Recorder, Flute, Crumhorn, Vocal, etc.

Minako Yoshida
Contrabas, Fiddle, etc.

Christopher Hardy
Dunbak, Marimba, Tenor Drum, etc.



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