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Produced and directed by Garyu and Tessei.

These programs suit any age group: from small children to adults.

"Tonadona Forest Concert"

First Performance: 2000

Cast: 7

Length: 1' 30" (no intermission)

In this play we show you how we have pursued the possibilities of music. You will surely enjoy our fantastic performance.

"Jig's Imaginary Concert"

First Performance: 1995

Cast: 9

Length: 1' 30" (no intermission)

"Imagination is more valuable than wisdom." We are going to open imaginary pages one after another. Each page is like a child's picture- drawn freely and easily.

"Cheerful Concert "

First Performance: 1984

Cast: 4~5

Length: 1'05" ~ 1' 20" (no intermission)

"Early Instruments are going to start dancing. Come and join them!" This is the most popular performance in our repertory. The program can be rearranged to suit audiences of various sizes and age groups.


" Mokera Mokera Concert "

First Performance: 1992

Cast: 13 Length: 1'50" (no intermission)

"In Mokera world you will listen to both ancient and modern music!" We invite famous jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita to join us, and play both Early Music and jazz

"Garan-Pi Poron Concert "

First Performance: 1991

Cast: 9

Length: 1' 40" (plus intermission)

"Even a stone can be an instrument."
We are going to pursue the origins of music in this performance.

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